Q: I have an idea for something I'd like to have made. What happens next?

A: Our intake process starts with an initial conversation to best understand the scope of the project and the aspects of the work that are most important to you. We'll discuss:
  • -Visual Appeal (how you want it to look, including overall structure and finish)
  • -Performance Requirements (how it will be used, and what your expectations for durability are)
  • -Ideal timeline for build completion
  • -Any other factors that are important to you in the final product.
From there, if our services are a fit for you, we will take anything from a napkin sketch to full fledged CAD design files with dimensions and begin the process of creating a customized solution for you.

Q: Do you do Aluminum fabrication or repairs?
A: We do not. Our philosophy is that if you're going to do something, you should do it exceptionally well. With that in mind, we focus on steel fabrication, which allows us to deliver the highest quality end product possible.

Q: Do you do offer mobile welding and repair services?
A: At this time, we don't offer mobile welding and repair services. That being said, some of the work that might fall into that category can actually be done in shop and installed on site without the need to weld onsite. We'd be happy to discuss further to see if this is possible with your project.

Q: Can you build “example” from “insert big box store here” for me, at the same price?
A: The short answer to this is no. The long answer: If this were possible, big box stores would not exist. Through large volume buying power and mass production, big box stores offer products that are often inexpensive but almost always lacking in overall quality and attention to detail. Not only that, they sacrifice overall durability and longevity by using thinner materials and lower grade hardware and fasteners in order to keep cost as low as possible.
Where lowest overall cost is the most important value in a purchase for potential clients, we often recommend they purchase the mass-produced item with the following caveat: “the highest quality item is seldom the lowest priced item.”
With the above being said, where high levels of service, quality, durability and uniqueness are the most important values in your purchasing decision, we deliver.
Don't just take our word for it, our reviews consistently demonstrate our commitment and follow through on the above.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and discover how we can turn your vision into reality.

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